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CM, Dryden, MI

We have been doing the YM Central Crossroads Curriculum for 4 months now and I can’t believe the change in our teens. It is a phenomenal program! Thank you for creating it. It has united our group so much and I’m amazed at how much they know when they are challenged with some of those questions. GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!


RT Kingston, NH

Our Christian Formation Director introduced the program to us leaders last year. We used the program with Confirmation years 1 & 2. The teens are on fire!


J.M.B., Forest Lake, MN

I am very excited to implement this Confirmation Program next fall. I have been looking for a Confirmation Curriculum that is youth friendly. This really caters to the needs and attitudes of youth while teaching them the basics of our Faith.


D.J.F., Greensburg, PA

I am a co-coordinator of the Youth Ministry program at our church and know how difficult it can be to find material for our kids. They are the most wonderful people, hungry and waiting for the Lord’s love but they are also battling the “it’s not cool thing”. You seem to be part of our answer as we search. It’s also nice to know that the theology on your site is Catholic! Thank you so much.


Q.A., Gisborne, New Zealand

I am a newly appointed youth minister in New Zealand as Gisborne regional youth worker for the Hamiltion diocese, I have read some of the advise you have given on Catholic teachings. When using this advise and tying it into the topic for Youth Group the Youth have responded well and want to know more. Thanks heaps and God Bless you are all you doing a great job!!!


A. H., Summersville, WV

I am a married, home-schooling mother of 5 children ages 10 down to 5 months. I also team teach 9th – 12th CCD with my husband as well as co-leading our parish youth group for the past 5 years. I have a difficult time trying to keep the interest of the youth in my care and I get very frustrated at the lack of Catholic youth materials. I am totally thrilled and excited about YM Central! At last, a great, convenient, totally Catholic resource that I don’t have to question the teachings of! Hurray!!! I would love to be able to read more, study more, and do more to develop relationships with our youth, but right now, God is using me as I am — with a lot of limitations. I have prayed many times that He would send me help and I believe you are a big part of the answer to that prayer. Thank you, Thank you!!! From the depths of my heart. A humble servant of Christ…


J.M., Kailua-Kona, HI

Thank you so very much for the YM Central Scripture reflections each week. The format is such that, as a youth minister, it has allowed my youth group to gain confidence in leading group discussions. We have asked for volunteers each week to lead the group discussions and the members are excited and can’t wait until it comes back around to their turn to lead. Thank you SO very much for the time it must take to present this for us. We are a very financially poor, spiritually rich parish and appreciate that this is a free service.



Gina Bauer, Director of Youth Ministry, Church of St. Joseph, West St. Paul, Minnesota

Ryan Hanning, Director of Parish Leadership Support, Diocese of Phoenix

Jim Beckman, Augustine Institute, Denver Colorado

We have started using YM Central this past year and it has been a great blessing to our youth ministry. We have a Life Teen model at our Parish, and the YM Central materials have allowed to add greater depth and catechesis to the awesome material we already use from Life Teen. It has been a great blend of resources for us, particularly the mid-week “going deeper” outlines. I would highly recommend the resources to anyone desiring to take your teens to the next level!

Bob Rice, Professor of Catechetics and Youth Ministry, Franciscan University of Steubenville