Crossroads Four-Year Curriculum

Ever feel that it is impossible for youth ministry to wed evangelization and catechesis?

Do you struggle with keeping your teens after their sophomore year?
Do you wish you could have a process that would help teens make a lifelong decision to follow Christ?

Imagine significantly cutting your planning time for your youth meetings!

YM Central is excited to introduce its Crossroads Curriculum, a four-year curriculum that includes 12 semesters and 144 meetings.

The Crossroads Curriculum offers a unique approach to forming a teen’s faith. Following the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the curriculum is a systematic and complete process that helps teens grow in their faith, no matter their level. The 12 semesters are divided into 6 units, with each unit consisting of 2 meetings.

  • The first is an evangelistic Youth Group meeting directed to teens of all faiths. These sessions invite teens to make a commitment to Christ through the Church.
  • The second is a Going Deeper meeting to help the teens develop catechetical roots to their faith. Using apologetics and sound Catholic philosophy, each Going Deeper meeting is a Bible study for teens to help them know and love the Catholic Faith.

While many themes are repeated throughout this curriculum, teens who participate in it for four years will never have to go through the same meeting twice!


Key Features:

– 12 Semesters, 72 Units, 144 meetings
– Hundreds of Scripture Verses
– Links to the Catechism
– Easy to read meeting plans
– Creative Ideas for implementing it to teens
– Suggestions for Testimonies
– Small Group Questions
– Prayer Services
– Quotes from the Saints
– Suggestions for study and research
– Ideas for real-life application



– Tested and proven in parish settings
– Customizable to any youth ministry setting
– Totally Web based: PDF and MS Word copies of every meeting
– Helps spark conversion in teens
– Builds on conversion through Biblical Catechesis
– Fully referenced to the Catechism of the Catholic Church
– Helps teens understand and critique modern philosophy
– Following the RCIA Process, Adaptable for Teen Initiation
– Can be easily forwarded to parents and other adults
– Supports teens in vocational discernment


Check it out:

– See a sample unit.

– See how to put together your youth ministry using YMCentral resources.

– View the outline of the entire curriculum.


Nihil Obstat: Rev. Peter Rossa.

Imprimatur: + Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix, July 27, 2007.


Is your parish youth ministry on a tight budget?  Can’t afford our curriculum but you really want it?  Email us at and tell us about your situation, and we’ll work out a price you can afford.

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