Catholic Youth Survival Guide

In a culture in which young people are bombarded with challenges to their faith, it is imperative that the Church responds clearly with Christ’s message of hope and love. The 80 page ‘Catholic Youth Survival Guide’ is meant to give young people a clear and concise understanding of the Catholic Faith and the support they need to live it.

The Survival Guide is not a wordy theological textbook: It is a booklet that young people can use daily to stay focused on Christ and His plan for their lives. It helps young people (and their parents, mentors and sponsors) understand the basics of following Christ, giving them a chance to encounter Jesus in the Scriptures and the teachings of the Church.

No matter where they are in their faith, the ‘Catholic Youth Survival Guide’ will help young people stay rooted in Christ and give their lives more deeply to Him.

Included in the Survival Guide

– Explanations of the Basic features of Catholic Life

– Intro Bible Study to the Gospel of St. Mark

– Common Prayers

– Wisdom from the Saints

– Scripture Passages for Memorization

– Ideas to help strengthen your faith



– Retreat Gift and Follow-up Resource

– Tool for Confirmation/Initiation

– Mini-Course on Basic Catholic Beliefs


Discussion Starter for:

– Confirmation Candidates and Sponsors

– Young People and Parents

– Young People and their Adult Mentors


Published with the Ecclesiastical approval of the Most Reverend Thomas J. Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix.


Check it out:

– View a sample chapter here.


The Catholic Youth Survival Guide is available in the iTunes bookstore.  Please share this link with teens, parents, sponsors, catechists and core members.