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Crossroads Complete Package – All Twelve Semesters ($599.95)

Crossroads Individual Semesters

– Crossroads Semester 1 First Things ($59.95)

– Crossroads Semester 2 The Old Testament ($59.95)

– Crossroads Semester 3 Jesus and His Church ($59.95)

– Crossroads Semester 4 J3K: Discipleship in the 3rd Millennium ($59.95)

– Crossroads Semester 5 Apologetics ($59.95)

– Crossroads Semester 6 Vocations ($59.95)

– Crossroads Semester 7 The Last Things ($59.95)

– Crossroads Semester 8 Sacraments ($59.95)

– Crossroads Semester 9 Morality ($59.95)

– Crossroads Semester 10 The Social Gospel ($59.95)

– Crossroads Semester 11 Sexuality/Theology of the Body ($59.95)

– Crossroads Semester 12 Prayer ($59.95)

Kenosis Confirmation and Renewal Curriculum ($99.95)



Catholic Youth Survival Guide (purchased separately from above) is available in the iTunes Bookstore.


Weekly Scripture Reflections (Free)


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