Kenosis Table of Contents

A. Leader’s Guide

I. Coordinator’s Manual

This resource is designed to give you the basic theological and philosophical tools to help you establish your Confirmation program. The following is the outline of the Table of Contents.

A. Understanding the Sacrament of Confirmation

1. Modern Confusion Over the Sacrament
2. Theological Basis of the Sacrament
3. Elements of Confirmation Preparation

B. Confirmation Preparation Today

1. Evangelization is at the Heart of the Confirmation Preparation
2. Families have busy schedules and are short on time
3. Teens are honestly searching for a higher calling to follow
4. Youth Ministers need a program to implement that is simple and time-efficient
5. The principles of good, exciting youth ministry apply to Confirmation Preparation

C. Goals/Elements of Confirmation Preparation

1. Liturgy
2. Instruction
3. Prayer
4. Witness and Service

D. Models of Confirmation Preparation

1. Two-Year Process
2. One-year Process
3. High-School Setting
4. Follow-Up

E. Program Components

1. The Confirmation Team
2. Program Events
3. Administration of Program

II. Team Development

These pages are designed to train and administer the Confirmation team. Some of the resources included are:

A. Giving a Testimony
B. Small Group Leadership
C. Team Sample Retreat
D. Team Sample Registration Form
E. Team Meetings and Preparation
F. Team Sample Schedule
G. Team Responsibilities

III. Sponsor Participation

These pages are designed to prepare and involve the sponsors in the Confirmation preparation. The resources included are:

A. Sponsor Orientation Meeting
B. Sponsor/Candidate Activities
C. Sponsor Form

IV. Curriculum Options

These pages are designed to help you organize the overall design of your program. The resources included are:

A. Sample Options
B. Sample Checklist
C. Sample Schedule
D. Suggested Menu
E. Sample Letters to Parents, Candidates, and Sponsors

V. Administration

These pages provides all of the necessary administration materials. The resources included are:

A. Confirmation Administrative Worksheets for organization of your program
B. Parent Information Sheet
C. Candidate Registration Form
D. Verification of Service Hours Form
E. Pastor Consent Form
F. Parent Registration Form
G. Final Interview Sheet

B. Curriculum

I. Preliminary Meetings

These meetings are designed to spell out all of the program’s expectations to parents and potential candidates. The resources included are:

A. Parent/Candidate Meeting
B. Kickoff Meeting with Candidates

II. Weekend Retreat

The Weekend Retreat is designed to help evangelize the candidates and help them experience Christ’s love: It is a microcosm of the entire Renewal Process. Sessions include:

A. Leading a Sacramental Life
B. The Depth of God’s Love
C. Putting our Trust in God
D. Forgiveness and Healing
E. Committing to Jesus
F. Our Task in spreading the Gospel

III. Unit One – God’s Plan of Salvation

This unit is designed to help the teens understand the ‘big picture’ of God’s action in the world.

A. The Existence of God
B. Our Capacity for God
C. God Reveals His Plan of Salvation
D. How we Know about God
E. The Trinity
F. God Our Loving Father
G. The Fall and Sin

IV. Unit Two – Developing a Relationship with Jesus

This unit is designed to help give the teen the basic building blocks of a relationship with Christ.

A. Jesus and the New Covenant
B. Our Relationship with Jesus as Lord
C. The Catholic Church
D. Mary and the Saints
E. Death and the Last Things

V. Unit Three – Participating in the Sacraments

This unit is designed to help the teens understand the Sacraments as the instrument of Christ’s saving grace.

A. Discovering Jesus in the Sacraments
B. Baptism and the Family of God
C. The Sacrament of Confirmation
D. Discovering Jesus in the Mass
E. Discovering Jesus in the Sacrament of Confession

VI. Unit Four – Christian Living

This unit is designed to help the teens recognize the demands of living a Christian life on a daily basis.

A. Dating
B. Sexuality
C. Being Pro-Life in a World of Death
D. Sharing Christ’s Love With Others
E. The Incarnation and a Catholic View of the World

VII. Unit Five – The Cost of Discipleship

This unit is designed to help the teens discover some of the social implications of following Christ.

A. Following Jesus in a Culture of Death
B. Servant Leadership
C. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
D. Vocation – Plan of Life
E. Stewardship and Social Justice

VIII. Unit Six – Deepening our Relationship with God

This unit is designed to help the teens look deeper into issues of growing in holiness and sustaining that holiness.

A. Prayer
B. The Holy Spirit and Holiness
C. The Tools of Holiness
D. Fellowship and Community
E. Catholic Traditions