Why aren’t YMC resources listed on the US Bishops’ Conformity Review list?

The USCCB Ad Hoc Committee to Oversee the Use of the Catechism only reviews participant textbooks. As YMC resources just include session plans for youth ministers rather than student texts, the USCCB will not review our materials. As a result, all of our resources have been reviewed and approved by our local bishop, Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted of Phoenix, Arizona.

Can YMC resources be used with Jr. High students?

All YMC resources were developed with Sr. High students. None of them were ever tested on Jr. High Students. That being said, there are numerous parishes that are using YMC resources with Jr. High students and are having success with them. Please use your own judgment in this matter.

Why do Kenosis and Crossroads not have Vatican approval?

The Vatican does not review catechetical curricula. That task is left to a country’s conference of bishops and to the local bishop, in our case, the Bishop of Phoenix, Arizona. He has reviewed and approved all YMC resources. Both Kenosis and Crossroads have received the ‘imprimatur’ from him, that they are without doctrinal error and can be published with his approval.

What happens when a teen begins in the middle of the curriculum?

Youth ministry is dynamic, without formal registration like RE programs. Teens can enter youth ministry at any time in their High School years. Because both the Kenosis and Crossroads curricula are evangelistic in nature, they are designed for teens to begin and participate at any time. Every meeting seeks to introduce new teens to Christ and help them experience the joys of following Him.

Why does YMCentral not provide icebreakers and skits?

We do not provide you icebreakers and skits for a couple of reasons. With regards to ice breakers, simply put, other people do a better job at them than we do! As for skits, we provide ideas for them, but we have found that the skits we developed only worked with our audience. Skits are effective when they incorporate adult team members the teens already know, humour, current events, cultural trends, and a connection with the message of the session.

Can other groups in the parish use the curriculum?

When a parish purchases either Kenosis or Crossroads, they are purchasing a ‘site license’, and can use the curriculum as they see best. Feel free to use it as needed, especially by making the material available for adult team members and parents to view. We ask that you not share it with other parishes and that you not resell it. We also ask that clergy and parish employees not take them with them when they begin at a new parish. They must repurchase the material on behalf of their new parish. Once a parish purchases it, they can use it until the Second Coming!

Why do we have to pay before receiving the books?

Remember how Mel Gibson financed ‘The Passion of the Christ’ with his own money? I’ve financed YMCentral.com with my own money, too…however I work for the Church. Our company is very small and is administered as a ‘side’ ministry. We have a very tight budget from which we are working and cannot send you the books until we have received payment.

Is there a hard copy for purchase of either Kenosis or Crossroads?

No. Our curricula are only available for download from the web. This allows us to keep the cost down. Meetings are available in pdf or MSWord, allowing you to customize them for your own sessions.