Crossroads Semesters

The YM Central Crossroads Curriculum is organized around the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  Each semester has six units; each unit contains two meetings, an evangelistic Youth Group meeting for teens of all faiths and a catechetical Going Deeper meeting for teens who want to know the Faith more profoundly.
In the YMCentral Store, you can purchase each semester individually or you can purchase the Complete Package that includes all 12 semesters.

A.  The Profession of Faith

1.     Semester Theme:  The First Things

a.     God’s Existence
b.     The Purpose of Man
c.     Divine Revelation
d.     Attributes of God
e.     Faith
f.      God’s Plan of Salvation

2.     Semester Theme:  The Old Testament
a.     Creation
b.     The Fall
c.     Abraham
d.     Moses
e.     David
f.      Finding Jesus in the Old Testament

3.     Semester Theme:  Jesus and His Church
a.     The Person of Jesus/The Incarnation
b.     The Kingdom of God/ Titles of Jesus
c.     The Sufferings of Christ/The Redemption
d.     Conversion and Commitment to Christ/The Resurrection
e.     The Body of Christ/The Four Marks of the Church
f.      Faithful to the Church/The Second Coming

4.     Semester Theme:  J3K: Discipleship in the Third Millennium
a.     Conversion and Reconciliation
b.     Pilgrimage
c.     Works of Mercy
d.     The Real Presence of the Eucharist
e.     Martyrdom
f.      Mary

5.     Semester Theme:  Apologetics
a.     Divine Revelation – Bible Alone?
b.     Salvation – Faith Alone?
c.     The Church Hierarchy – A Human Institution?
d.     The Blessed Virgin Mary – Just Another Woman?
e.     Sacraments – Man-Made Rituals?
f.      Basic Catholic Traditions – Traditions of Men?

6.     Semester Theme:  Vocations
a.     Universal Call to Holiness
b.     Christian Service
c.     Leading others to Christ
d.     Man of God-Woman of God
e.     Marriage
f.      Holy Orders and Religious Life

7.     Semester Theme:  The Last Things
a.     Angels, Demons, St. Michael, and Satan
b.     Evil and Suffering
c.     Death and Eternal Life
d.     Heaven, Hell, Purgatory
e.     Judgment
f.      The End of the World

B.  Celebrating the Christian Mystery

8.     Semester Theme:  Sacraments
a.     Sacraments 101
b.     Baptism and Confirmation
c.     Mass Beliefs
d.     Mass Etiquette
e.     Reconciliation and Anointing
f.      Marriage and Holy Orders

C.  Life in Christ

9.     Semester Theme:  Morality
a.     Created in the Image of God
b.     The Modern Moral Crisis
c.     Making Moral Decisions
d.     Building Character and Conscience
e.     Sin
f.      The Moral Law

10.   Semester Theme:  The Social Gospel
a.     Imitating Christ
b.     Conflict with Friends
c.     Studies and Work
d.     Rich and Poor
e.     War and Peace
f.      Abortion and Life Issues

11.   Semester Theme:  Sexuality and Theology of the Body
a.     God’s Original Plan for Sex and Marriage
b.     Sex, Sin and Redemption in Christ
c.     Happiness and Heavenly Communion
d.     Celibacy
e.     Husband and Wife in Marriage
f.      Chastity

D.  Christian Prayer

12.   Semester Theme:  Prayer
a.     Communication with God
b.     Setting up Prayer Times
c.     Praying the Scriptures
d.     Prayer in the Holy Spirit
e.     Mary and the Rosary
f.      The Communion of Saints