Crossroads Semester 9 – Morality

The Morality semester helps teens evaluate and make moral decisions based on their relationship with Jesus.
Units included in the semester:

a. Created in the Image of God

Youth Group Meeting: This meeting will lay the foundation of the moral life in the fact that all human beings are created in the image and likeness of God. This gives us a dignity that no other created being has.

Going Deeper Meeting: As we continue to build upon the ‘Youth Group’ meeting, this session will show how the understanding that we are created in God’s image and likeness is for all people, not just the Christian. We will see how Scripture supports this, and how our culture denies it. We will examine the faulty atheistic philosophy behind our culture’s world-view, and then discuss how we can combat it.

b. The Modern Moral Crisis

Youth Group Meeting: This session will go after the misconception that the individual determines what is right and wrong. This session will help teens understand that the objective action is a part of what determines the morality of an action. We will see how society has little value for absolute moral values founded in God and has little concept of sin. We will show that a relationship with Jesus affects our morality. Finally, we will help teens admit they have a problem with sin.

Going Deeper Meeting: Building on the Youth Group meeting, this meeting will attempt to establish the Scriptural foundation for objective morality. It will also give the teens an opportunity to identify more closely elements of subjectivism in our society.

c. Making Moral Decisions

Youth Group Meeting: This session is designed to help the teens understand that a moral decision, according to the Catechism, has three components. The morality of an action is determined by the action itself, called the object; the intention of the person and the circumstances around the action. In addition to these three ‘sources’ of morality, we will begin to examine the definition and nature of conscience, while in Unit #4 we will examine how to strengthen our conscience. This meeting will help the teens see that there is a direct connection between being a follower of Jesus and living a morally good life.

Going Deeper Meeting: In our ‘Youth Group’ meeting, we examined how moral decisions are evaluated and what the definition of conscience is. Now we want to give the teens the Scriptural roots to these principles, and allow them to apply those principles to real-life moral issues.

d. Building Character and Conscience

Youth Group Meeting: We will define character as the ability to make good moral decisions, regardless of the situation. It is connected to the human virtue of fortitude. We will define our conscience as our inner moral muscle, and give examples about how to strengthen our conscience and grow in character.

Going Deeper Meeting: This meeting will help the teens understand the importance of the virtues, the habits of doing good. Growing in virtue will help strengthen our character and our conscience, helping us to grow in holiness and become the people Christ wants us to be.

e. Sin

Youth Group Meeting: In our Youth group meeting, we define sin as willful actions contrary to the will of God. We will show how sin affects the whole person. We will clarify the difference between venial and mortal sin, and help the teens understand that in the midst of our sinful condition, God reaches out to us in His mercy and love to help us overcome sin.

Going Deeper Meeting: As we go deeper with the teens, we want to focus on what the Bible says about sin, and how Jesus handled sin. We will briefly look at the arguments against the Church’s understanding of sin, and then discuss the Church’s classifications and degrees of sin. We will help the teens identify common sins among teens in general, and given them a game-plan for staying away from sin.

f. The Moral Law

Youth Group Meeting: Our approach this semester has been to help teens understand the Church’s principles behind making moral decisions. This session will help the teens understand the importance of the moral law, especially the Ten Commandments, and then will help them evaluate their actions based on it.

Going Deeper Meeting: In our last session, we ended by stressing the importance of the Ten Commandments in helping us guide our actions. We now want to go deeper with our understanding of law to include the law of Christ, the law of the interior transformation of the heart. By looking primarily at the Sermon on the Mount, we will see how Christ calls us to change ourselves from the inside out, from our hearts.

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