Crossroads Semester 6 – Vocations

The Vocations semester introduces teens to the key ministries that God will call them to as adults.
Units included in the semester:

a. Universal Call to Holiness

Youth Group Meeting: This meeting will give a preview of the issues that will be dealt with this semester by showing that our first and foremost call as Christians is to be holy. We will talk about the fears that we often have about holiness, and how God desires to help us grow in holiness, no matter how difficult that growth might be.

Going Deeper Meeting: This session will look at some key Biblical verses on holiness and will help the teens build the proper spiritual foundation to a life of holiness. We will show how the Scriptures describe holiness. We will identify those aspects of our lives that get in the way of holiness, and we will challenge the teens to live their holiness with all their strength.

b. Christian Service

Youth Group Meeting: Christian service is about serving Christ in others. This meeting will show the teens that our Baptism calls us to serve others as Christ serves. We will define service as putting the true, spiritual needs of others before the material and temporal needs of ourselves. We will help the teens to see service as an essential element in following Christ. Service will be explained as a foundational attitude that is essential to successfully living any vocation in the Church.

Going Deeper Meeting: This session will help the teens see service as a life-long part of following Jesus Christ. We will look at some key Scripture passages about service, helping teens to understand both the demands and rewards of a life of Christian service. We will impress upon the teens the phrase made popular by Pope John Paul II, that a life fully lived is a life offered as a ‘total gift of self’.

c. Leading Others to Christ

Youth Group Meeting: Sharing one’s faith with another is part of the process of evangelization. Evangelization is the process by which the Church introduces the individual to Jesus Christ and His message. This session will show the teens the importance of witnessing their faith and will challenge the teens to witness their faith to their family, friends, and community.

Going Deeper Meeting: This session will help the teens meditate over some of the key Scripture passages about sharing our faith with others. We will see that sharing the faith with others comes from loving Jesus. As we deepen our love for Him, we are called to trust Jesus with His plan of us. Jesus calls us to trust Him in our calling to share our faith with others. This session will seek to name the fears we have in sharing our faith with others, and will invite the teens to place their trust in God alone.

d. Man of God – Woman of God

Youth Group Meeting: Our gender is an essential part of who we are in Christ. Maleness and femaleness are gifts from God to us, and our gender is important to our vocation in life. Our vocation from God in life is built upon our gender. It is essential that young men and women understand God’s design for masculinity and femininity. This discussion on gender is placed in this semester because of its importance in the discussion of vocation. This ‘Youth Group’ session will look at the basics of what it means to be a man of God and a woman of God in today’s society, using the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph as examples. We will briefly look at our culture’s understanding of gender and compare it with the Church’s understanding. God established the differences between the genders in creation. Because of the relationship between body and soul, one’s gender is more than biological, impacting our soul as well. The most important way for us to be a man or woman of God is to submit to Jesus in all things.

Going Deeper Meeting: This ‘Going Deeper’ session will attempt to discuss the difficulties in being a man or woman of God. We will examine the different sins that each gender is attracted to, and look at how God wants us to respond to these sins by studying the words of Scripture. We will invite the teens reflect upon their personal lives, and make a commitment to strengthen their life in Christ as a woman or a man.

e. Marriage

Youth Group Meeting: This meeting will show the teens the importance of knowing oneself before committing to another in marriage. We will see that our relationship with Christ is more important than any earthly relationship we can have, including our spousal relationships. We will discuss what is necessary to prepare for marriage as a life-long commitment. We will also examine what makes a healthy, holy and successful marriage.

Going Deeper Meeting: This session will attempt to answer many of the in-depth questions that people have about marriage. Many teens may not think about these questions, all the more reason to bring them up now before they enter into adulthood.

f. Holy Orders and Religious Life

Youth Group Meeting: This meeting will define for the teens Holy Orders as the Sacrament that empowers men to share in the ministerial priesthood of Christ as deacons, priests or bishops. We will define the consecrated life as a deepening of one’s baptismal vows for the purpose of participating in a religious community and undertaking a specific apostolate. We will give the teens opportunities to ask questions and to find out that entails being a priest or nun on a daily basis. Important in this meeting will be actual interaction with a priest and nun as part of a panel discussion.

Going Deeper Meeting: Our ‘Going Deeper’ session will look at the Scriptures to examine what it means to be called by God. Recognizing that the call to the priesthood or religious life is a few years removed from High School, this session will help the teens develop the ‘ears’ to hear God’s voice and recognize the characteristics of a deeper call to serve the Church.

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