Crossroads Semester 3 – Jesus and His Church

The Jesus and His Church semester introduces us to the key events from the life of Jesus, including the establishment of His Church.
Units included in the semester:

a. The Person of Jesus/The Incarnation

Youth Group Meeting: This ‘Youth Group’ meeting will help introduce the teens to Jesus, Who He is and What He can do for us. We will see that Jesus is fully God and fully man. He is the Lord of life, and all life centers around Him. He asks to be our best friend, the most important person in our daily lives.

Going Deeper Meeting: This ‘Going Deeper’ session will examine one of the key doctrines of our entire Faith, the doctrine of the Incarnation of Jesus. With the Catechism as our springboard, we will examine the definition and purpose of the Incarnation. We will see that the Incarnation gives us a pattern for how God works with us, saving us through the physical and material.

b. The Kingdom of God/Titles of Jesus

Youth Group Meeting: Perhaps the most controversial element of Jesus’ ministry was His teachings. Many religious leaders of His day were threatened by what He taught. Jesus’ teachings on the Kingdom of God stand out above all His teachings. This session will look at what Jesus meant by the Kingdom of God and what demands this Kingdom places on us. We will discuss Jesus’ role as the King in the Kingdom of God, and how we need to turn to Him as the One Who has been given all power and authority.

Going Deeper Meeting: This ‘Going Deeper’ session is designed to be a prayerful experience of the different Biblical titles for Jesus. By looking directly in the Scriptures, we are attempting to help the teens understand the identity of Jesus and then incorporate that in their daily walk with Him.

c. The Sufferings of Christ/The Redemption

Youth Group Meeting: The suffering and death Jesus is the most dramatic event in human history. Humanly speaking, Jesus suffered as much as any other human has ever suffered. What makes His death so intriguing is that He is God, and that He willfully offered His life for our salvation. This ‘Youth Group’ meeting will examine the physical sufferings Jesus experienced during His Passion and death, helping the teens to understand that Jesus’ entire motivation was love for each one of us.

Going Deeper Meeting: In our ‘Youth Group’ meeting, we discussed the physical reality of Jesus’ passion and death. Now, we will begin to outline the reasons for His redemption. This will be more theological in nature, why we need to be saved and how Jesus accomplishes that mission. It will also attempt to show the distinctive Catholic about salvation, contrasting it with our non-Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ.

d. Conversion and Commitment to Christ/The Resurrection

Youth Group Meeting: This ‘Youth Group’ meeting will begin to outline the cost each one of us has to make in following Jesus. In particular, we will show how a relationship with Jesus calls us to give up doing evil and grow in holiness, defining conversion for the teens. We will also examine the nature of commitment and the importance of making a daily commitment to Jesus.

Going Deeper Meeting: This session will look at the evidence of the Resurrection of Christ from the Scriptural stories alone. We will look at the accounts of Jesus’ resurrection, as well as the sightings of Jesus after the Resurrection to see that the evidence for His physical resurrection is overwhelming. Jesus’ body was not simply resuscitated; the disciples did not see a ghost; the disciples were not hallucinating. Jesus rose as the Church says He did.

e. The Body of Christ/The Four Marks of the Church

Youth Group Meeting: Being a follower of Jesus is about becoming a member of the Body of Christ. This session will define the Body of Christ, explore how we become members of Christ’s Body, and then highlight some of the responsibilities of this calling.

Going Deeper Meeting: This ‘Going Deeper’ session will help the teens understand the principal characteristics of the Church known as the ‘Four Marks’, that the Church is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. We will look at the Scriptural roots for each of them and briefly discuss objections to them by non-Catholic Christians.

f. Faithful to the Church/The Second Coming

Youth Group Meeting: Building on our last ‘Youth Group’ session’s discussion on the ‘Body of Christ’, we now give a basic understanding of the nature of the Church. We will examine the Church’s purpose to be a sign of salvation to the world. We will briefly look at the teaching office of the Church. We will discuss the demands of all the Baptized in following the teachings of the Church with love and fidelity.

Going Deeper Meeting: This ‘Going Deeper’ session will examine the Parousia or Second Coming of Jesus. The Scriptures, the Creeds and the Catechism of the Catholic Church all teach that Jesus will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead. This session will take the teens into an in-depth study of the Scripture verses that lay the foundation for this teaching.

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