Crossroad Semester 2 – Old Testament

The Old Testament semester highlights the key covenants that prepared the way for Christ.
Units included in the semester:

a. Creation

Youth Group Meeting: In paragraph #282, the Catechism of the Catholic Church says very clearly that the catechesis on creation is of major importance. In order for us to understand Jesus’ plan of salvation, we have to understand what went on from the beginning. This entire semester is designed to help the teens see what God did in order to prepare mankind for the coming of Christ. This session, meant for teens of all faiths and backgrounds, is meant to show how God created us to share His life with Him. Who we are as people, our dignity, our self-esteem, and how we act, is rooted in our being made in God’s image and likeness.

Going Deeper Meeting: Our ‘Going Deeper’ meeting will attempt to look at the details of the Scriptural account of Genesis 1-2:3. Important to this session is actually having the teens do a careful reading of Genesis 1-2:3, catching the detail and patterns outlined in the text. We will examine the reason behind the seven-day framework of Genesis 1-2:3, and answer some of the common objections against Genesis 1-2:3.

b. The Fall

Youth Group Meeting: In this ‘Youth Group’ meeting, we will attempt to give the teens a brief overview of the Fall and Original Sin. We will be primarily focusing on temptation, how it works, and how we are to avoid the near occasion of sin. (Our ‘Going Deeper’ session will look closely at Genesis 2 and 3, helping the teens to know the Biblical narrative.)

Going Deeper Meeting: Following the study in the previous ‘Going Deeper’ session on Genesis 1:1-2:3, this session will examine the details surrounding Genesis 2 and 3. We will see how, in Genesis 2, man was given a special relationship with God, different than any other creature. Man could love God, and was given a commandment by God to keep. In Genesis 3, man allows the devil to tempt him and as a result he disobeys God, causing terrible consequences for mankind, but not without a promise of salvation from God.

c. Abraham

Youth Group Meeting: This Youth-Group meeting will discuss Abraham as a model of faith in God. Abraham shows us how to wait on the Lord, trusting His will even in difficult times. We will see that trusting God will always be the best for us, helping us to receive true blessings and peace.

Going Deeper Meeting: This session will look begin by looking at the promises God made to Abraham in Genesis 12:1-3 and will then springboard into an analysis of Genesis 22, the binding of Isaac. We will see in this chapter how Abraham becomes our father of faith and how God, in a special way, sets the stage for the role and mission of the Church. Finally we will allow the teens time to reflect upon what they need to do to grow deeper in their faith.

d. Moses

Youth Group Meeting: Our ‘Youth Group’ meeting will highlight the importance of being a leader and witness to Christ. Just as Moses showed us how to lead others to Christ, we all have been called through our Baptism to lead others to God. We will examine some of the key characteristics of Moses’ leadership, then allow the teens to make a decision to be used by Christ as an example and leader.

Going Deeper Meeting: This session will continue to follow God’s plan of salvation in the Old Testament, this time focusing on Moses. In particular, this session will show why God called the Israelites out of Egypt; it will give the details of the Passover event; finally, it will show how the Passover event foreshadows the true Passover of Christ’s passion, death and Resurrection.

e. David

Youth Group Meeting: For all his great military and spiritual battles, King David still sinned greatly against the Lord, having Uriah killed and committing adultery with his wife, Bathsheba. Based on 2 Samuel 11:1-12:25, this night will focus on repentance, and the importance of being humble, and of sharing God’s mercy and forgiveness of others who have wronged you.

Going Deeper Meeting: This session will examine God’s promise to David to make him a house (2 Samuel 7:11). This promise was the next step in God’s plan to prepare mankind for His worldwide family, the Church. We will see that God not only promised David a Temple, but ultimately He promised him a dynasty family built around His Son, Jesus Christ.

f. Finding Jesus in the Old Testament

Youth Group Meeting: As we end this semester on the key people and themes of the Old Testament, we will attempt to connect the Old and New Testaments. The entire Old Testament points us to Jesus. Jesus is the hope of our lives, and the Old Testament is a road to that hope. This ‘Youth Group’ session looks at how the faithful in the Old Testament eagerly anticipated the coming of Jesus, and how we need to hope in Jesus. Hope is complete trust that Jesus is in charge of the future of our lives, in good and bad times, and that in the end He will be victorious.

Going Deeper Meeting: This final ‘Going Deeper’ session of this semester will attempt to connect key Scripture passages with the Person and Ministry of Christ. It will give the teens an opportunity to look up key Old Testament Scripture verses that prefigure Christ and connect those passages with the events of the New Testament. It is essential that this meeting be a prayerful look at the key Old Testament passages that point to Christ. It is meant to be a prayerful encounter with Jesus in the Scriptures. It is not meant to be a complete or scholarly look at these passages.

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