Sacramental Prep and Initiation


YM Central resources establish a framework for teen Sacramental preparation, including Teen Initiation.

1. Teen Confirmation. YM Central’s Kenosis Confirmation and Renewal Curriculum allows you to continue to provide your ‘Youth Group’ and ‘Going Deeper’ opportunities for teens, while providing them with opportunity to prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation. You can format the Kenosis Confirmation and Renewal Curriculum to fit around your other youth ministry events without burning yourself out in the process.

2. Teen Initiation. Every so often, unbaptized teens and teens not in full communion with the Catholic Church present themselves for initiation into the life of the Church. This is one of the most exciting times for youth ministers. The Crossroads Curriculum can be adapted as a teen initiation process.

We suggest the following in order to help these teens be received into the Church.

i. Evangelization through the ‘Youth Group’ Meetings from the Crossroads Curriculum. Your ‘Youth Group’ meetings will provide the basis for the evangelization of your teens. In this phase of the process of teen initiation, you do not have to plan any extra meetings. Simply use your youth group as an opportunity for non-Catholic teens to begin to follow Jesus and enter into the life of the Church. Be sure to let all the teens know at your youth group that any non-Catholic teens are welcome to look into entering the Church. Before they begin the next period of preparation (the catechumenate), interview them to make sure they understand what is going to be asked of them.

ii.Dismissal reflections using the ‘Weekly Scripture Reflections’. After the Rite of Acceptance (and Welcoming), the teens will begin dismissal during the Sunday liturgy throughout the entire period of catechesis (see below) and throughout the stage of purification (see below). Our free ‘Weekly Scripture Reflections’ will help you plan these sessions.

iii. Catechesis with the ‘Going Deeper’ meetings from the following Crossroads Curriculum semesters:

a. The First Things Semester
b. The Old Testament Semester
c. The Jesus and His Church Semester
d. Apologetics
e. The Last Things Semester
f. The Sacraments Semester
g. The Morality Semester
h. Theology of the Body

The Rite of Acceptance (and Welcoming) begins the period of catechesis. During the catechumenate, you will hand on to the teens the teachings of the Church. Following our recommendations above, you will have 48 meetings to offer the teens and will give them a full understanding of ‘what’ the Church teaches and ‘why’.

iv. Purification with the ‘Going Deeper’ meetings from the Crossroads Curriculum ‘Prayer’ semester. Beginning with Ash Wednesday, teens will cease being in the catechumenate and will begin an intensive six week prayer retreat called the period of purification and enlightenment. During this time, be sure to have your teens participate in all the Lenten RCIA Rites with the adults (it is a great witness to the entire parish community).

v. Mystagogia meetings with the ‘Going Deeper’ meetings from the following Crossroads Curriculum semesters:

a. The J3K ‘discipleship’ semester
b. The ‘Vocations’ semester
c. The ‘Social Gospel’ semester

After the Easter Vigil, be sure to plan Mystagogia for the teens throughout their first year after the Easter Vigil. Hold one meeting per week during the Easter season, then follow up with one meeting per month throughout the year. Be sure to have them participate in your youth ministry and other events of the parish.