Going Deeper Through Catechesis


YM Central resources give teens the opportunity to go deeper in their faith.

Many teens stop participating in their parish youth ministry because they get bored with youth group. Because of the hectic nature of youth ministry, many coordinators do not feel they have the time to plan another meeting. For each ‘Youth Group’ meeting of our Crossroads Curriculum, we take the same topic and turn it into a ‘Going Deeper’ Bible study. Let’s say that your youth group meets on Sunday night. You are doing a ‘Youth Group’ meeting on God’s Existence that is very evangelistic in nature. It gives the teens the basics and it peeks their interest in learning more. At the end of your meeting, you invite any teen to wants to learn more about following Jesus to your Bible Study this Wednesday night (or whatever works for you).

This is where our Crossroads Curriculum ‘Going Deeper’ meeting comes into play. Building on what you covered during the ‘Youth Group’ meeting, the ‘Going Deeper’ meeting helps teens to understand the Scriptural, philosophical and catechetical roots of Catholic doctrine. It allows them to be catechized without having them feel like they are back in class. These meetings allow teens to learn the Faith while still preserving a youth ministry ‘feel’ to your sessions. They leave your teens wanting catechesis because they connect it with loving Christ more deeply.