Establishing an Evangelistic Ministry


YM Central resources help establish an evangelistic ministry to teens.

The vast majority of today’s teens struggle with faith in Christ. Many have gone to church their entire lives and have not responded to Christ’s invitation to follow Him; many are skeptical towards religion and do not see the need for Jesus. The most important resources you have in your ministry are the living witness of adults in your parish and the celebration of the Eucharist. Building on these, YM Central resources can help you and your team of adults evangelize teens through:

1. The ‘Youth Group’ Meetings of our Crossroads Four Year Youth Ministry Curriculum. One of the most important features of any youth ministry is consistency. Teens need to know that someone will be there for them and that they can come to the parish to get answers to their questions about Jesus, the Church and life. Our Crossroads Curriculum is designed to establish a ‘youth group’ in your parish. Organized by semester, it allows you to provide six evangelistic meetings per semester for high school teens in your parish. You can schedule these meetings as you see best for your program. Through these meetings, teens will learn about Jesus, His Mission, His Church and will be given opportunities at each meeting to commit or recommit their lives to Him.

2. Kenosis Confirmation and Renewal Curriculum. If your diocese does Confirmation in High School, this resource will help you evangelize the teens who participate in it. For those dioceses that do not have High School Confirmation, this curriculum can be added to your regular youth ministry as a special opportunity for teens’ faith formation. It works especially well with teens in their Junior and Senior Years.